ABRI-SAN BARIATRIC 7 XXL 2000mls Ctn 104

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For active and comfortable days!

Enjoy an active and comfortable life with Abena’s Abri-San Premium products. The Abri-San series consists of a wide range of anatomically shaped pads for light to heavy incontinence. The pads are designed with a soft textile-like top and back sheet that allows the skin to breathe and stay dry, cool and healthy in all situations.

The Abri-San products have a special odour system for optimal comfort and discretion and are dermatologically tested and certified with the Nordic Eco-label. Some of the product are also FSC®-certified (Forest Stewardship Council).   

This product has a longer length to allow for different body shapes. The product is fully breathable and has higher internal barriers for leakage security. To be used with well-fitted fixation pants.


This new product is a part of our new bariatric solution which is intended for larger individuals and is an extension of our current Abri-San range. Often shaped pads offer the most flexibility and freedom for the individual. 
With larger users, it is often challenging to keep the product in place, especially during movement or repositioning in bed. We have therefore extended the length of the product by 10cm. The additional length will ensure greater security when used with a firm fitting fixation product.
The products will be available in 2 absorption levels of 2000 ml and 3400 ml. This should cover both moderate and heavy needs for use during the day or night.


  • Full Breathability enables the skin to breathe and help prevent skin damage.

  • High barriers to keep the product close to the skin and ensure leakage security.

  • Longer pad enabling the user to move yet maintain leakage security.

ABRI-SAN 7 - XXL BARIATRIC 2000mls 46 x 84cm 4 x 26
ABRI-SAN 11 - XXL BARIATRIC 3400mls 46 x 84cm 4 x 14